I'm a Glass Child

Fragile, crystal, and translucent.

I'm Jamie. I adore dolls, collecting gemstones and minerals, reading the odd book or two, documentaries, astronomy, paleontology, the supernatural and paranormal, and music. I write it, sing it, play it, record it, and emote through it. It speaks for me when I stumble yet again with my speech.

Sometimes, I'm comfortably, unmistakably, strongly sure of who I am and what I live for, of who I am to be and the goals I set for myself. Other times, it all gets shaken up and shattered into a million little pieces and I find myself floating and struggling to find it again.

And I love the madness so much.

I just have to wake up and escape out of my stasis and cease to merely 'exist'.

What about you?

The world is so beautiful at dawn. A bonus when the moon is still shining, bestowing us with her beautiful, glimmering presence.

100 Happy Days - Day 15

Not my picture, but it will have to do! My mother knew I wasn’t feeling well and so lovingly prepared banana pancakes with honey for my breakfast :)

I missed yesterday, so there’ll be two posts today :)

100 Happy Days - Day 14

Made good progress on my Unikitty cross-stitch I’m doing for a friend :)


Gareth Pugh AW2011

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We’ve become far too obsessed with finding faults in everything and everyone, that we’ve almost lost the ability to see and appreciate beauty anywhere.


I just recently finished editing the pics I took of Snowdrop, Death and Hugo, so I will be posting these over the next few days. This is one of my favourite pics. I still like the idea of red threads as blood… poor Snowdrop…

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“Yet little by little, I was also becoming the girl who was learning to live with this, all of it, letting it weave together with everything else, the good and the bad, as life moved forward, because that’s what life did, regardless of whether we were ready for it or not.”

~ Donna Freitas, The Survival Kit (via quoted-books)

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“My head is full of whispers
which tomorrow will be silent.”

~ Adrienne Rich, from The Trees (via ohfairies)

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What would you say to, or about, your loved ones if they died today? Your family, friends, partner, anyone you hold dear. Would you recall the good times, the laughs, the memories? Would you regret all those chances you had to solve any troubles you left unfixed? Would you tell them you love and appreciate them? Would you wish you had spent more time with them? Would you think of all the things you wanted to say, but didn’t? Would you say you’re sorry? Would all the stupid arguments matter then?

Think about what you would say.

And now…

Why would you wait until they’re gone?

“You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly.”

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