I'm a Glass Child

Fragile, crystal, and translucent.

I'm Jamie. I adore dolls, collecting gemstones and minerals, reading the odd book or two, documentaries, astronomy, paleontology, the supernatural and paranormal, and music. I write it, sing it, play it, record it, and emote through it. It speaks for me when I stumble yet again with my speech.

Sometimes, I'm comfortably, unmistakably, strongly sure of who I am and what I live for, of who I am to be and the goals I set for myself. Other times, it all gets shaken up and shattered into a million little pieces and I find myself floating and struggling to find it again.

And I love the madness so much.

I just have to wake up and escape out of my stasis and cease to merely 'exist'.

What about you?

Framing the finished piece.

100 Happy Days - Day 58

When Coeur de Pirate posted this from the real/namesake location of the song title, it meant more to me than I can explain.

100 Happy Days - Day 57

I have been acquiring more cross stitch patterns. This is part of an enormous Harry Potter project I am excited to attempt!

And now, for some tea.

And I shall buy myself roses and comforting cream tea. Read books full of wonder and laugh in the mirror. I shall take care of this body, heart, mind. I shall love myself first.

100 Happy Days - Day 56

Baby girls and strawberry ice cream. A good start to the day.

Moemon FireRed is happening right now, with the Ruby and Emerald versions in line.



Figured I’m due a new family photo since I’ve had quite a few new additions! 

Ungulates: Yak, Zebu, Pig, Thompsons Gazelle, Blackbuck antelope, Sheep x 2, Roe deer, Fallow doe, Young Red deer buck, Yearling muntjac, older muntjac, Mouflon Ram.

Carnivora: Coyote, Grey fox, Red fox, Domestic dog (dachshund), Racoon.

Mustelidae: American River Otter, American Badger, American mink, Skunk, Weasle.

Rodentia: Beaver, Porcupine, Muskrat, Brown Rat, Hamster, Mouse, Grey Squirrel. (complete articulated rat skeleton not shown)

Birds: Jackdaw, Crow, Wood Pidgeon, Mallard duck, Woodcock, Razorbill

Felidae: European shorthair cat, Alaskan bobcat, Alaskan Lynx

Misc: Rabbit, Possum, Human Caucasian female, Siamese Crocodile, Common Map Turtle shell, Rock Hyrax

Imagine what internet content, memes, and jokes would look like we were all witches and wizards.