I'm a Glass Child

Fragile, crystal, and translucent.

I'm Jamie. I adore dolls, collecting gemstones and minerals, reading the odd book or two, documentaries, astronomy, paleontology, the supernatural and paranormal, and music. I write it, sing it, play it, record it, and emote through it. It speaks for me when I stumble yet again with my speech.

Sometimes, I'm comfortably, unmistakably, strongly sure of who I am and what I live for, of who I am to be and the goals I set for myself. Other times, it all gets shaken up and shattered into a million little pieces and I find myself floating and struggling to find it again.

And I love the madness so much.

I just have to wake up and escape out of my stasis and cease to merely 'exist'.

What about you?

100 Happy Days - Day 76

Puppy socks. PUPPY SOCKS.

100 Happy Days - Day 74

A drummer doing his drummy thing.

(Phone suggested ‘DOING HIS WIFE’)

100 Happy Days - Day 73

This lovely piece arrived, faster than expected. Beautiful find.

100 Happy Days - Day 72

Garlic cheese and focaccia bread. Why wouldn’t I be extremely happy?

100 Happy Days - Day 71

A cousin’s wedding happened to be one of the most heartwarming ones I’ve seen in a long time.

100 Happy Days - Day 70

Times are always good with this lovely girl and dim sum always wins!

Horrible day. Ara, one of our beloved spiders, suddenly died. I came home to find her gone and I have no idea what happened. I am absolutely heartbroken, bawled my eyes out. She was around only a little while but I did love the little darling so. I feel horrible. Horrible.

Catching sunbeams.

100 Happy Days - Day 69

Sir Webbington is finally brave enough to come out and play! These little spiders are absolutely full of personality. Look at his little jumps and that leap back home in the end.

A look at the new 3D parallax effect on Odyssia, the new invite card. Isn’t that beautiful?

100 Happy Days - Day 68

El’s little Ara is starting to get more comfortable with us! Still a little skittish, but doing well enough. My little Webbington isn’t confident enough yet. @elhamsyah

100 Happy Days - Day 67

Wonderful movie night with lovely people :) One of my favourites! “When a gay man has WAY too much fashion sense for one gender, he is a drag queen.”

My spider, Webbington, has an evil face on his back.

Spiderly doings.